Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hand-Dyed Cotswold Locks

Hand-Dyed Cotswold Locks, originally uploaded by confections.

A few days ago I rediscovered some luxurious Cotswold locks that I bought from fleecemakers on Etsy and hand-dyed them using a Ball jar dyeing technique. They are so lovely and curly, I will probably corespin them around a thin yarn to showcase all their glory.

Yellow Ware Bowl with Hand-Dyed Cotswold Locks

Collage of Hand-Dyed Cotswold Locks (two)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lovely Items by Marie of KittyKatDance

Here is a sampling of some of the exquisite items made by my friend Marie of KittyKatDance. My sister and I visited her booth at a local fair over the weekend and found some lovely treasures!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Abstract Painting Made with Free ArtRage Software

I read about this free ArtRage software that fellow fiberartist Kim Fraser used to create a fabric design for her lovely enterprise, Spoonflower, and I had to play with it over a cup of tea this morning. Great fun!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Confections Heirloom Fiberarts

A little mosaic magic from bighugelabs encompassing two years of fiberarts from my studio....

1. Needlefelted Girl (three), 2. Autumn Gourds Colorway Hand-Dyed Superfine Merino Wool Roving (Two), 3. Tropical Liqueur Hand-Dyed Superfine Merino Wool Top, 4. Hand-Dyed Wool Roving, 5. Handpainted Silk Tussah Fiber (3), 6. "Norwegian Wood", My Sister's New Antique Spinning Wheel, 7. Needlefelted Magnolias (two), 8. Fairy Rose Needlefelted Flower, 9. Needlefelted Daisy, 10. Needlefelted Rose, 11. Wrap-and-Roll Technique corespun yarn, 12. Freshly Spun Ragamuffin Yarn (two), 13. Molly Ragamuffin Handspun Primitive Cotton Rag Yarn, 14. Ragamuffin Handspun Rag Yarn Group, 15. Rapunzel, My Lendrum Spinning Wheel, 16. Estrella Colorway Handpainted Laceweight Yarn, 17. A flower for my Mother, 18. Shawl of Many Colors, 19. Handspun Snarly Boucle Yarn, 20. Elderberry Jam Colorway Handpainted Wool Yarn, 21. Handspun Skein of Wool, 22. Lendrum Spinning Wheel with Handpainted Handspun Targhee Wool, 23. After-Dinner Mints Colorway Handspun Handpainted Wool Yarn, 24. Cape Cod Hydrangea Colorway Handpainted Alpaca, Silk, and Merino Wool Yarn, 25. Latest Weaving Project finished 8/12/06

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Needlefelted Girl

Needlefelted Girl, originally uploaded by confections.

Just playing around with a little needlefelted prototype; the base figure was made using the cookie cutter as a template. Clothes and pigtails of my hand-dyed fiber (wool and mohair) layered on.

Needlefelted Girl (two)

Needlefelted Girl (three)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Garden of the Gods (six)

Garden of the Gods (six), originally uploaded by confections.

A week ago I spent part of the afternoon at this sacred place near Colorado Springs, Colorado--the Garden of the Gods. Quite awe-inspiring.

Garden of the Gods (two)
Garden of the Gods (five)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak, originally uploaded by confections.

Majestic Pikes Peak as viewed from the Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, Colorado.... From my recent visit.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vintage American Pitcher (two)

Just a quick post of a favorite vintage American pitcher from my collection. The spherical shape of this one is so appealing, as is its graceful handle and spout.

I'll be heading off to an old historic shopping district in my sister's new home town in Colorado tomorrow. Who knows what lovely treasures await?