Friday, February 23, 2007

collage of handpainted yarns

These are my latest handpainted skeins. The ones to the left are mini-skeins I had in my stash from a natural dye kit I purchased a number of years ago. I had never used the dyes in that particular kit because the mordants were toxic and many took days to prepare (I'm an instant gratification sort!). I took individual colors of my favorite dyes and handpainted each mini-skein, with the aim of making a palette of those colors for reference. I almost always use multiple colors in my yarn handpainting, just as I like to blend colors in my handspinning batts and rolags.

To create this photo, I used the collage feature in my Picasa photo software. I have a new Pentax camera (actually my husband's Christmas present) with a super-macro feature; I'll be experimenting with that this week and will show you the results.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ashford Niddy-Noddy with Freshly Spun Wool Yarn

This is one of the first skeins I plied at the inspiring spinning workshop with Celia Quinn this past weekend. Each of the singles yarns had been spun ahead of time in preparation for the plying exercise in my style of thick and thin. By the second day I was capable of spinning very thin, even, strong wool warp yarn with relative ease. My friend Jaye and I made quantum leaps in our personal spinning abilities and are looking forward to experimenting with the novelty yarn techniques which we practiced on the third day. I'll post some pictures of these skeins as they magically appear via the long draw spinning method which I learned from Celia as well. I highly recommend Celia Quinn as a spinning teacher. She is thorough, has a sense of humor, and encourages her students to reach beyond their perceived limitations.

Handspun Yarn

Unspun Fiber Plus Handspun Skein
Spinning Workshop Taught by Celia Quinn
My Lendrum Spinning Wheel with New Fiber

Friday, February 16, 2007

Lendrum Spinning Wheel with Handpainted Handspun Targhee Wool

This lovely Lendrum Canadian maple spinning wheel of mine (named Rapunzel) will be my constant companion for the next three days as I participate in a spinning workshop with Celia Quinn of Homer, Alaska. Last October I took a two-day workshop in wool color-blending with her and had a great time. On Friday (yes, later on today) we'll be exploring good, solid basics of spinning. On Saturday, we'll be spinning to specification for a particular project, and on Sunday, we'll be experimenting with creating novelty yarns. This is going to be spinning nirvana!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Family Photo Collage circa 1869 - 1995

This is a random collage of family photos that I have been scanning over the last few months. I have been delving into genealogical research on-line and have unearthed roots deep in Alsace and Moselle, France, that were just hinted at in our informal, oral family history.

This experience has been profound for me, and more than once I have been sobbing while searching with my notebook on my lap. These tears are not from sadness, although that may well be a component; they come from joy, astonishment, grief revisited, surprise, pathos, healing.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Venetian Tapestry and Faded Roses Colorway Handpainted Yarns, Autumn Rose Needlefelted Flower

The handpainted skeins seen here are the first two sales in my Etsy shop (! The laceweight skein on top is merino wool in the Venetian Tapestry colorway. The worsted weight skeins are painted in the Faded Roses colorway. The Autumn Rose Needlefelted Flower is made of handpainted kid mohair/Dorset wool roving, with handspun, handpainted wool yarn in the center. A few weeks later, the same client visited my shop and purchased the needlefelted flower as well.

I am completely new to blogging and am building my own website as well at You can see my designs at and I'll keep you posted as I indulge in my fiber pursuits. Thanks.