Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Vintage Effanbee Doll Collage (New Dress)

My vintage Effanbee doll (which I introduced in my April 19th blog entry) has been duly newly clad in a calico dress. She doesn't look nearly as forlorn as she did a few short weeks ago. Clothes make the doll!

I raided my stash of quilting calicoes to find the appropriate complement to my circa World War I era doll. I believe she is a prototype of the "Baby Dainty" Doll produced by Effanbee at that time. I found a reproduction Simplicity doll pattern for the bodice piece and gathered a rather long skirt to it, accented with a deep tuck. It's been donkey's years (oh, I miss Princess Diana!) since I have made any doll clothes.

My first major foray into sewing as a grade-schooler was cranking out Barbie doll clothes on my mother's vintage Singer treadle sewing machine. Barbie doll clothes are on such a tiny scale, they are quite tedious to sew, I think. Baby Dainty is about 14 inches tall and her chest is 10 inches in circumference, so sewing her dress was a breeze by comparison. She was all dressed up and I had promised to take her to a tea party, so off we went to meet up with my girlfriends and sister at Tea-Upon-Chatsworth for a delightful high tea and furrawn (per Anais Nin: soulful conversation that is deeply intimate).

My girlfriends each brought along a doll and a picture from their childhood. I shared one of me with my Ginny doll from the mid-1950's (shown below). Ah, sweet bird of youth!

Vintage Effanbee Baby Dainty Sporting Her New Calico Dress
High Tea at Tea-Upon-Chatsworth
Vintage Effanbee Doll's New Calico Dress
Best Friends


  1. what an adorable picture at the end. I like the doll dress and with her necklace she looks ready for a teaparty. And the scones, well, where's my tea.

  2. that is a sweet babydoll. Scones...ahhh scones rule anytime.

  3. Ooh - I just found your photo of this doll on Flickr, and I love her new dress! She's fantastic! :)