Friday, July 27, 2007

Yellow Ware Bowl Full of Ragamuffin Yarn

Here is a batch of my handspun cotton Ragamuffin yarn photographed before I sent it off to a customer. There is lots of potential in this bowl. I'll be thrilled to see what she does with the yarn. I plan on using some in my stash to weave a rag rug.

I have a lovely cherrywood counterbalance floor loom that my sister and I found through our weaving guild nearly four years ago. It is perfect for weaving rugs. I haven't warped it yet, but I think a rag rug project will be great for the fall.

I'll gather some of my weaving friends and we'll have a warping party. I don't need too much provocation to plan a celebration of life's good things. The sun is in Leo, after all, and it's time to play!

Basketful of Ragamuffin Yarn
Ragamuffin Skeins with Labels


  1. I absolutely love your Ragamuffin yarn, and those colors are gorgeous!

  2. oh my gosh...i've died and gone to heaven!!! I could eat it all up!!!
    check this out...we must be kindred spirits...
    I ripped hand dyed fabric and my husband's jeans to create this 2 summers ago...I couldn't use it last year cuz of the baby but this year it's perfect for me and for a diaper and wipes! I get comments all the time!!!