Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Nephews Light the Candles on Their Mother's Birthday Cake

My sister and her children have been visiting this past week. We started off with a surprise birthday party for her on Saturday when she arrived.

The cake was very special: medovnik (honey cake), a recipe from the Czech Republic, made by Tomasz of Jyoti Bihanga restaurant in San Diego. Sinfully delicious! Here is a recipe I found for medovnik, but have not tried myself yet.

Topping the cake were special "sparkler candles" from Toys 'R Us and mini-paper umbrellas from Daiso/Marukai.


  1. Love the little drink umbrellas! That's very creative :)

  2. What a nice surprise....great picture and the cake looks yummy.

  3. I like the mini umbrella's... so cute!

  4. That is such a neat photo--what a keeper for a special day memory! :)

    Found you via Etsy today!