Thursday, July 23, 2009

Detail of Handwoven Placemat, Twill Weave

This is a detail shot of my first finished cloth from a weaving class taken a few years back, cotton weft and warp, woven on a Schacht 4-shaft table loom rented from my weaving guild. I now own quite a few looms--both table and rigid heddle looms and one beautiful cherry wood floor loom.
Handwoven Placemat, Twill Weave (2)
Collage of Handwoven Placemat, Twill Weave


  1. What reed no., cotton yarn count in weft and warp
    did you use?

  2. I'll have to find my design notebook from the class I took to give you exact details. I believe it was a 12-dent reed, but I probably sleyed 2 ends per dent or a 2 + 1 pattern.

    The wound dark-blue cotton warp was given to me by my instructor, and I believe I used a commercial yarn, Patons "Grace" (16 wpi) for the weft. I'll verify these figures when I locate the notebook. Thanks for your interest :)