Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cape Cod, Summer of 1969

Cape Cod, Summer of 1969, originally uploaded by confections.

I wasn't at Woodstock that summer, but I was on Cape Cod--first for a family visit with my aunt and uncle, and then to work a summer job between my freshman and sophomore years in college.

Here I am with two of my brothers, one of my sisters, and a cousin who is now gone, off to spend the day at Hardings Beach in Chatham. Halcyon days....


  1.'d look right at home in that outfit today!

  2. Lovely, Cheryl! Is John trying to be James Dean or something . . .

  3. He is trying to look tough there, isn't he? Most definitely a bit like the star of "Rebel Without a Cause"....

  4. Hi Cheryl! This is so all-American! I most definitely missed out on the Summer of 69 as an 8-yr old in the Philippines.