Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vintage Green Tiger Press Card, "He Claimed for His Bride"


Vintage Green Tiger Press Notecard with Poem Insert and Envelope, "He Claimed for His Bride", illustration by Florence Harrison.

A princely figure greets his love at a gate in the springtime. Fruit trees and tulips are in bloom, and bluebirds of happiness fly about the couple.

Here is a classic image by Florence Harrison, who was commissioned to produce illustrations for a sumptuous edition of Christina Rossetti's poems published by Blackie and Son in 1910.

This full-color image has been printed and tipped (glued) onto high-quality laid paper stock. The interior of the card is blank. The back of the card contains descriptive text giving details about the illustration in the lower left-hand corner. A matching envelope is included, as well as a poem insert page with a translation of a German medieval lyric. The poem is reproduced from hand-calligraphy.

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