Sunday, December 20, 2009

Narcissus and Pink Christmas Tree

A few of my favorite things today: paper whites (narcissus) blooming; a gift from my sister.

My new faux pink tree; at 36" tall, it's just the right size for the table top I have in mind. It will be decorated in time for the Winter Solstice....

Paper Whites

Pink Christmas Tree


  1. i love your pink tree! I want a mini tree with minimal limbs! Where did you find yours? (=

  2. very beautiful.
    I'd love to have a pretty tree like that. You should post a photo of it decorated as well.

  3. Thanks, Kim Rakes and Crysto. I bought the tree at a local antique mall, but under the price tag was an Urban Outfitters label. Go figure! I love it because is has some shiny needles in among the plain pink.

    I will definitely post a picture of the pink tree in its full decorated glory :D