Friday, May 7, 2010

Kool-Aid Dyeing

Kool-Aid Dyeing
In my spring cleaning adventures, I discovered some old packets of Kool-Aid that I had bought to use to dye fiber. A good friend and I had done a bit of this in a weaving and spinning class a while back and had since moved on to other dyestuffs.

I dyed two small bumps of wool fiber and a small skein of merino yarn and had lots of fun. I used a Ball jar dyeing technique which is a lot less messy than my usual handpainting approach. I'm looking forward to spinning these up.

Kool-Aid Dyed Wool Fiber & Merino Yarn
Kool-Aid Dyed White Carded Sliver (Wool)


  1. that is so cool, it turned out all spring-like and beautiful.