Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Fiber Arts Tool: Birdseye Maple Hand-Turned Spindle

I recently spied some beautiful spindles hand-turned by Lisa Chan of Gripping Yarn and immediately knew I had to start a collection. Here is the first one I chose, a beauty in birdseye maple.

It is a hybrid French/Russian style hand spindle that Lisa calls a "Rose". I'm getting the knack of spinning with her and will post some photos of my efforts in a few days. "Practice, practice, practice!" is my current hand-spindling mantra.

There are at least two general categories of hand spindles: drop spindles and supported spindles. The Rose fits into the latter category and that realm is relatively new to me. I've been a lurking member of the Yahoo group "Spindlitis" for a couple of years now. I guess I am smitten with all things related to hand-spindling at the moment ♥

Birdseye Maple Hand-Turned Spindle

Detail of Point on Hand-Turned Spindle, Birdseye Maple

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