Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sunbonnet Girl & Toys

I found this early 20th century vernacular photo a few weeks ago at a local antique shop. I love the subject matter of the little girl in her sunbonnet surrounded by her picture book, dollhouse, dollies, and teddy bears.

As December arrives and the focus is on wrapping up loose ends and preparing for a new slate in 2011, I'm reflecting on this year and manifesting what's next and participating in the #reverb10 project.

My words of the year for 2010 (which I selected last December based on Christine Kane's blog) were "comfort & joy" and "transformation".

Six weeks into the year, I lost my beloved mother, and comfort & joy and transformation were engulfed by grief.

I found comfort & joy through transformation (and a healing path through my grief) by participating in Christine Kane's Uplevel Your Life and Uplevel Your Business programs. Thank you, Christine, for providing that path.

I have selected my word for the New Year: flourishing!

1 comment:

  1. The photo is so sweet. A little girl's treasures captured for her, for us. It is a treasure, she was a very lucky little girl.

    Transformation is so vital to continuing comfort and joy. You have helped me with my transformations in life and always created a lovely world that you share with me where it is safe and beautiful and filled with comfort and joy. Thank you and Happy New Year!

    Flourishing, what a wonderful image, the word invokes movement, change, growth, transformation, and Life...

    Love, joy and peace...