Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ashford Niddy-Noddy with Ragamuffin Fabric Strip Yarn

Yesterday I received a quillhead attachment for my Lendrum spinning wheel. It functions much like a drop spindle, but is attached to the spinning wheel. The newly spun yarn does not have to pass through the orifice, so chunky, textural yarns like this one (composed of remnant fabric strips) can be spun with relative ease. This mini-skein reflects my first attempt. I'll post other skeins as I create them.

Lendrum wheel with quillhead and handspun fabric strip yarn
Fabric strip yarn (2)
Ashford Niddy-Noddy with Quillhead-Spun Fabric Yarn


  1. Very cute skein! Have any plans for it? It looks like it would make an adorable washcloth, if the fabrics agree with water!

  2. Hi, Oriri! I don't have any specific plans for this skein yet, but the fabric is all cotton, so water would be no problem!