Thursday, April 5, 2007

Blue Quartz Beads

Blue Quartz Beads, originally uploaded by confections.

The spring cleaning continues and the treasures resurface. My sister Lisa is a beader extraordinaire and she was just here for a visit. Usually we hit every bead shop within a 50-mile radius of home, but we didn't this time. She did sneak off to one of our local shops one afternoon on the way to the beach, though, and came back with lots of green beads. I unearthed a few strands from one of my previous bead forays this week. I was in a green and blue phase on this particular excursion, but then I am often in a blue and green phase (note the handwoven fabric created with yarns from my knitting stash!).

This brings up the issue which my sisters and I call "cross-crafting", like cross-training: you go from one craft to the other for inspiration and to develop your craft muscles. Thus, the beads inspire the handwoven cloth, which informs the choice of dyes for handpainted yarns, or the blending of colored roving on the handcards for spinning, and on and on.

Please watch my Etsy shop for a sterling silver beaded wirewrapped bracelet made by my sister Lisa. It should be listed by Easter Sunday. Enjoy your Spring Break!

Olive Jade Beads

Collage of Blue Quartz , Aventurine, and Olive Jade Bead Strands

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