Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pistachio Gelato Colorway Handpainted Worsted Wool Yarn

It's spring and a young girl's fancy turns to luscious greens in her yarn stash. I photographed this particular skein for my Etsy shop, but I have plenty more emerald skeins to choose from, some of them handspun. The hand-thrown celadon bowl in this photo was thrifted in Ocean Beach, California, at one of my favorite vintage haunts.

I definitely have the urge to knit and spin during the spring. Yes, I know it's fall and coming onto winter in the *Southern Hemisphere*, but I appreciate wool yarns year-round, even here in Southern California, where, despite rumors to the contrary, it can get very cold at times. Not that I'm complaining. My sister just returned to Pennsylvania after an extended visit here, and they had a snowy Easter weekend!

I've got lots of crafty projects in store for the spring, including participation in a circle scrapbooking journal with my sisters and sister-in-law. We're selecting our themes now and gathering supplies and ideas. My theme will run along the lines of "My Ideal Sanctuary" and I know it includes a spinning wheel and lots of fluff to inspire me. Cheers to your springtime projects!

Carnival Handspun Hand-blended Merino/Corriedale Wool
Handspun Corriedale Turquoise/Cream Blend