Friday, January 18, 2008

Molly Ragamuffin (tm) Style Handspun Primitive Cotton Rag Yarn

We fiberartists can dream, can't we?

Featured here is one of my latest Ragamuffin handspun primitive cotton rag yarns, named after my Dad's Mom, Molly. She was one of my original fiberarts mentors. I remember her patience as she taught me how to embroider on her front porch on lazy summer afternoons when I was a very little girl.

Somewhere in my archives I have a portrait of her that I wrote a dozen years ago in a memoir class. I'll have to excavate it from my files and share bits of it here.

And, as I discovered in my genealogical pursuits this past year, Molly comes from French/Mosellan stock, making me feel "Oh, so very French!" these days.

Freshly Spun Ragamuffin Yarn (two)
Molly Ragamuffin Handspun Primitive Cotton Rag Yarn


  1. For a second I thought: YAY fiber art as ART!

    But we can dream right? Some day?