Saturday, April 5, 2008

Basket Full of Potential

Basket Full of Potential, originally uploaded by confections.

A small basket full of fiber ready to spin: included here are Merino, lambswool/Corriedale, handpainted Blue Face Leicester, and handpainted Targhee in the "Clematis" colorway (the latter from Susan's Spinning Bunny).

The solid color rovings were spun into the wrap-and-roll technique coil yarn featured last week.

One of my favorite spinning tools, the bottom-whorl hand spindle shown above, was handmade of old wood by Rick Reeves and purchased many years ago in Pennsylvania at Autumn House Farm.

Enjoy your spinning and creating!


  1. I've been DYING to try spinning! I keep saying, "one day I'll do that..." That photo is lovely (I wish I could reach in and touch the lovely colorful roving!) and is yet another push for me to try my hand at spinning! Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh,that looks so yummy! i want to touch it, and then spin it, and then steal it from your house before you notice it's gone!