Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Needlefelted Rose Collage

Needlefelted Rose Collage, originally uploaded by confections.

I needlefelted this one cookie-cutter style with a new mold from Clover. I love to do my floral sculptures totally freehand, but I can't resist a new tool. The fiber is a hand-dyed wool and mohair "Forever Random Carded Batt" from La Lana Wools in Taos, New Mexico. The color is "Concha". Bought it on a train/road trip with my sisters and nieces and nephews two years ago. I have lots of fiber in my stash :)

Needlefelted Rose (two)Needlefelted Rose


  1. Wow that's really lovely! My daughter got me a little needle felting kit for Christmas, so I'm only a novice needle felter. I hope to make pretty things like you do some day :o)