Monday, February 2, 2009


My good friend Marie Rose of kittykatdance has lately become enamored of Blythe dolls and I have followed suit.

My brand-new ones have not arrived yet, but my sister and I and Marie had a gathering on Saturday to celebrate her birthday and to meet her new doll, Cousin Olivia.

She has been renamed Daisy and is sporting one of many custom dresses that Marie makes so beautifully, with meticulous attention to detail.

Meet Daisy!

Daisy All Dolled-Up
Blue-eyed Daisy
Daisy Collage


  1. I had a Blythe when I was a kid, the brunette. Not sure what happened to her unfortunately. My sister does still have hers and it's mint because she never played with dolls. Mine on the other hand was missing an eye, she was played with quite a bit. Love that they are making a comeback!

  2. Hi, pickleberries! All of the dolls from my childhood have vanished into the ethers, too. I do have photographs of me with them, however. I always seemed to have a doll at hand....

  3. I had one when I was a girl! Love them and Daisy is beautiful!