Sunday, March 28, 2010

Victorian Autograph Album

Victorian Autograph Album
Victorian Autograph Album, Title Page
One of my cousins is the custodian of this family heirloom, a late-Victorian autograph album that belonged to a great-great-aunt of ours. Many of her friends and relatives signed the book and entered little poems typical of the day. I believe that my paternal grandmother is one of the contributors.

When I was in grade school, I had a much smaller autograph book and my grandmother and grandfather both signed it. I hope it will resurface during spring cleaning.

(Photos copyright and courtesy of my cousin, dsg.)
Victorian Autograph Album, Entry by Mollie
Victorian Autograph Album, Second Entry by Mollie


  1. What a priceless heirloom! A wonderful idea for today to create ~

  2. What a wonderful keepsake!
    Hope you can find yours too :)
    It's amazing what all shows up during spring cleaning!

  3. What an heirloom indeed! Thank you for sharing it with us.