Friday, April 2, 2010

Portrait of Caryl Nelson, Common Threads

A banner with a portrait of Caryl Nelson of Common Threads in Encinitas, California.

This portrait banner was painted by Caryl's daughter, Nancy Nelson, and is hanging on a lamp post outside their yarn shop on Highway 101, Encinitas, California; it is part of the "Arts Alive Banner Project" featured this spring in their community.

Nancy's words about her painting, entitled "Mom at Common Threads":

"Knitting is our business and this portrait of my mother is a typical pose she takes in our front room. One of my mother's deepest wishes is to shout from the mountain tops and tell all those who don’t know that knitting is a wonderful stress release and can be a personal sanctuary in the midst of the crazy world we live in. Plus you get a sweater as a bonus! "

Nancy and Caryl are treasured members of the fiber arts community in San Diego County, California. Over the years I have enjoyed visiting their shop and have always gotten good advice on projects and lots of inspiration. Ten years ago, they taught my sister, a friend, and me how to knit socks, a feat at which I still marvel; I so admire Caryl for her patience with us newbies to the sock-knitting club.

Obverse of Banner with Portrait of Caryl Nelson
Portrait of Caryl Nelson, Common Threads, Diptych


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing that with us. Just a slice of the good life, for sure. Have a happy weekend... miss you. Going to DZ Akins?

  2. Well, Ebby, more than likely, because it seems to be our Easter weekend tradition. But you never know! Any big plans for you?