Friday, February 23, 2007

collage of handpainted yarns

These are my latest handpainted skeins. The ones to the left are mini-skeins I had in my stash from a natural dye kit I purchased a number of years ago. I had never used the dyes in that particular kit because the mordants were toxic and many took days to prepare (I'm an instant gratification sort!). I took individual colors of my favorite dyes and handpainted each mini-skein, with the aim of making a palette of those colors for reference. I almost always use multiple colors in my yarn handpainting, just as I like to blend colors in my handspinning batts and rolags.

To create this photo, I used the collage feature in my Picasa photo software. I have a new Pentax camera (actually my husband's Christmas present) with a super-macro feature; I'll be experimenting with that this week and will show you the results.

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