Thursday, February 8, 2007

Venetian Tapestry and Faded Roses Colorway Handpainted Yarns, Autumn Rose Needlefelted Flower

The handpainted skeins seen here are the first two sales in my Etsy shop (! The laceweight skein on top is merino wool in the Venetian Tapestry colorway. The worsted weight skeins are painted in the Faded Roses colorway. The Autumn Rose Needlefelted Flower is made of handpainted kid mohair/Dorset wool roving, with handspun, handpainted wool yarn in the center. A few weeks later, the same client visited my shop and purchased the needlefelted flower as well.

I am completely new to blogging and am building my own website as well at You can see my designs at and I'll keep you posted as I indulge in my fiber pursuits. Thanks.

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