Monday, August 27, 2007

Be Happy

Be Happy, originally uploaded by confections.

On an evening walk to the beach with my sister, we came upon this uplifting message on the deck of a little bungalow. It was the close of a busy weekend we had spent with a good friend, and happiness surrounded us.

The Buddha statue below graces the dining room of one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, Cilantro Live!. I'm re-reading the Tao Te Ching and making a conscious effort to incorporate its principles into my life. The serenity of Buddha inspires me to keep on the path.

Buddha Head


  1. Hi, Just wanted to say I think your blog is very nice. I like the colors and you take great photos.

  2. Many thanks! I appreciate your supportive comments.

  3. Got to get myself one of those signs... passed one of the neighbours this morning - I swear she was sucking on a sack full of lemons! Sara x

  4. nice pic, I want a be happy sign for my front porch!