Sunday, August 12, 2007

Colorful Custom-Carded Rolags and Needlefelted Flower

This week's Etsybloggers' Blog Carnival theme is "Carnival of Colors". Color was on my mind the other day as I was busy filling a custom order for a needlefelted rose that I had made on my 25th anniversary last December. My task was to reproduce the colors for the new flower.

The process begins with the selection of the basic pink wool for the rose petals. Neutral-colored wools are then blended with the original pink using handcards to make slight variations in the pink color: alternately, white, gray, brown, and black wool is custom-carded with the pink to make fluffy rolags. I learned this rewarding essential technique with spinner extraordinaire Celia Quinn at a workshop I took last fall.

I think the new flower's colors are spot-on like the original. It's good to know that I have retained the knowledge of color-blending that I learned from Celia, even though I hadn't used this particular method in a number of months.

New Needlefelted Rose
Custom Carded Rolags and Flowers

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  1. What GORGEOUS colors!!!! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing the process.

  2. Those are really lovely. I didn't know you could even make something like this. I love these:§ion_id=5021872

  3. You've got such beautiful colors in those flowers. I love them!

  4. Those flowers are absolutely beautiful. It's interesting to see how much work goes into such a tiny piece. Kinda like it can be with jewelry. :)

  5. Wow. Beautiful. I love that little flower.