Sunday, November 4, 2007

Solitude and Time for Writing

Abandoned dinghy, originally uploaded by confections.

This is one of my favorite rejuvenating sights on what I call my "Magical Walk", not too far from my home. I usually drive the few miles to the northern end of the walk, stroll the mile or so to one of the best lookouts, hang out there for a few minutes pondering the imponderable, and then head back. Often I see snowy egrets and at least one great blue heron feeding.

I'll be taking the magical walk later on today as an antidote to writing frantically as I participate in National Novel Writing Month this November.

So far, I have discovered the genre where I'm most comfortable: literary fiction. Who knew? As of this moment I'm at 9,030 words of the 50,000 required, and it's a very rough draft. That's the point. Quantity not quality is part of the exercise. December will be for I'll be editing in the New Year!
Dock Gate with Fleurs-de-Lys accents
La Playa Footpath
Great Blue Heron Past Sunset

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