Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spindle with Handspun Merino

Spindle with Handspun Merino, originally uploaded by confections.

Continuing my saga of spinning with new fiberarts tools, here is my latest handspun merino yarn which I created with my new kick spindle from Etsy.

It's a small skein--the singles yarn is shown here, but I did ply it back on itself. My supply of this yummy color of merino roving was very limited, but I have located more of it online. It is the softest baby blue.

This kick spindle is handy to have in the car along with a basket of roving. In the event of a spinning emergency, you will always be prepared. The meditative quality of handspinning and its benefits are great antidotes to the complications of modern 21st century life.

If you haven't already tried it, for a minimal investment you can join the happy ranks of spinners.Handspun Merino CollageHandspun Merino Wool Yarn with Kick Spindle and Roving


  1. That yarm is simply beautiful! Enjoy your new tools!

  2. that yarn is gorgeous! I love the color and the pictures are great too.
    i have a drop spindle that is so hard for me to get the hang of. I am not meant to be a spinner. i just dont have the right hands.

    very nice blog!.

  3. pretty and awesome pics