Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia) in Alcazar Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego,

My sister and I had lunch together on Monday and then visited the spectacular spring display in the Alcazar Garden in Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

The delphinium, foxglove, and lavender were resplendent and these glowing angel trumpets were eye-catching as well. While we were there, the carillon chimed six o'clock--a haunting sound that I recorded.

Hope you are enjoying the bursts of color everywhere this spring!

Alcazar Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, California
Foxglove Blooming in Alcazar Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, California


  1. What beautiful flowers..wonderful pictures..

  2. Wonderful photos, Spring is definitely here. I love the Angel Trumpet - we used to have them in abundance in our yard in Hawaii:):)

  3. I miss Balboa park, I grew up in San Diego and would go to the zoo and parks frequently. If I ever go back that is one place I am sure to visit again.

  4. The foxglove photo is gorgeous!

  5. Amazing, what beautiful photographs. You have an amazing eye. Love the colors, the texture and thank you for the bells. It brought back so many memories. Take nothing for granted.

  6. I've only seen Balboa Park in the summer when on vacation there. So I never knew how stunning it was in the spring. Amazing!