Friday, April 17, 2009

Clementine Louisa Sporting Her New Handknit Sweater

I knit this miniature version of Sally Melville's "best friend jacket" a number of years ago when I took a workshop with her. I made two versions in different yarns, one hand-dyed, the other hand-dyed and handspun.

Of the two, this one is closest to fitting Blythe, but I will have to tweak the pattern and yarn to make another that will fit better.

My sister and I are going to an informal "dolly meet-up" with our friend KittyKatDance this Saturday. We'll have our dollies in tow, along with new outfits and works-in-progress.

Clementine Louisa at a Local Cafe
Sally Melville Best Friend Sweater for Blythe

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  1. Beautiful colours in the yarn! Remind me of the beach, and great work :0)