Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Dolls Have Tea

The Dolls Have Tea, originally uploaded by confections.

I've been backing up photos and looking at my archives and came upon this image of a sweet tea party I attended last fall. My friend's daughter carefully attended to her dolls at their very own tea table, complete with a handpainted tea set.

That same tea set has accompanied us to high tea at our favorite tea shop, Tea-upon-Chatsworth, too. I love the ritual of tea and all of its accoutrements, from the fine china to the vintage linens and fragrant tea leaves.

I've been researching the Japanese tea ceremony as well and am looking forward to getting some of the special tools required to do a mini casual version at home.

Miniature Tea Set

The Dolls Have Tea (2)


  1. Love the picture, my tea set was my favourite toy as a kid, I even made up a song about it, as my dad still reminds me... now I'm 40!!

    Interesting blog :0)

  2. I wish I was at your tea party. I thought about you today when I sipped my Paris tea. Miss you so.