Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Paternal Grandmother with Her Siblings & Parents, circa 1910

My Great-Grandmother Christina Boyer Mayer, seated left, Great-Grandfather John P. Mayer on the right, with his youngest daughter Leona to his immediate right. My paternal Grandmother Mollie (Mary Susannah) is the second daughter behind Leona in the back row. I love the bows in the girls' hair, and I especially love the dress and strong attitude of Aunt Belle (standing far left). I greatly resemble Alvina, standing between Mollie and Leona.

Comments on 50 years of marriage by Christina Boyer Mayer and John P. Mayer, on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, circa 1932 (from a local newspaper at that time):

“Well, I guess ma and I will start on the next 50 years now,” Mayer said. “I’m happy we got this far, but we are going to keep right on living.”

“We have had our little misunderstandings, but somehow we always managed to kiss and make up. With all these divorces these days [1930’s], the young folk don’t know what real married life means. There ought to be a law against divorces.”

“The 50 years have been entirely satisfactory,” Mrs. Mayer said. Naturally we have had little spats while I was convincing John that I was right. [Emphasis mine.] No matter how clear the water, it sometimes gets muddy, but it will clear again.”

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  1. I just love, love, love that quote. She was a powerful and smart woman, I can tell. Just like you!