Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Collage of My Parents' Dollhouse, 1985

After my father retired, he and my mother collaborated on a dollhouse. It is a magical creation that displays their most excellent skills.

I just lost my mother on Valentine's Day and my Dad has been gone for 18 years. This dollhouse now belongs to one of my nieces, who has three young daughters to share it with.

Kitchen in My Parents' Dollhouse, 1985
The Parlor in My Parents' Dollhouse, 1985
Interior and Arbor of My Parents' Dollhouse
My Mom & Dad, 1956


  1. What a beautiful house! Something to be cherished for generations. I'm sorry for your loss!!

  2. I love your parent's dollhouse. It is so magical. I especially love the picture of them together, they look very happy and in love. What a wonderful image. I just started collecting tiny dollhouse dishes and things. I am inspired by this picture to build my own doll house just for me. Love you.

  3. Thank you, Ebby Puttence! I have quite a collection of miniatures that I have gathered over the years. I'll be photographing some of them as I spring clean and will share....