Thursday, February 18, 2010

My HearthSong Dollhouse, Christmas 1990

Last night I scanned an old photo of my wooden dollhouse purchased from HearthSong in the late 1980's. Here it is decked out for Christmas 1990. Atop the house is a vintage 1960's Santa in sleigh that my Mother gave me from her collection many years ago.

I began spinning yarn in the late 1980's-early 1990's, and my interest is reflected in the miniature spinning wheel seen on the first floor on the right.

I have lots of miniatures that are not on display here. One of my spring goals is to redecorate the dollhouse (and the real house!). My Mother cross-stitched a miniature rug for the nursery in the dollhouse, and it is one of the many treasures from her that is giving me solace as I mourn her loss.

My HearthSong Dollhouse, Christmas 1990 (2)

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