Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Mother, 1925 - 2010

My Mother, 1925 - 2010, originally uploaded by confections.

On my birthday, December 10th, 2009, my sisters, my Mom, and I celebrated at our favorite tea shop, Tea-upon-Chatsworth in San Diego. We all sported tiaras for the occasion.

I lost my Mother on Valentine's Day. Rest in peace, Mutti.


by Edward Coote Pinkney, 1825

Those starry eyes, those starry eyes,
Those eyes that used to be
Unto my heart as beacon-lights
To pilgrims on the sea!

I see them yet, I see them yet,
Though long since quenched and gone--
I could not live illumined by
The common sun alone.

Could they seem thus, could they seem thus,
If but a memory?
Ah, yes! Upon this wintry earth
They burn no more for me.


  1. Your mother looks smashing in her tiara! I'm sorry for your loss ((hugs))