Friday, October 5, 2007

Back to Square One

Back to Square One, originally uploaded by confections.

The simplest of all knitting projects, a garter stitch washcloth of self-striping Sugar 'n Cream cotton is one of life's timeless delights. I've been invited to join Ravelry, and I'm getting my knitting muscles back into shape slowly.

I made this the other day as a sort of meditation on simplicity. I was trying out my new square needles (size 8 US), and I enjoyed the process immensely. As a bonus, I get to use it tonight in the shower with some equally delightful handmade soap. Life is good!
Striped Washcloth Stitch Detail
Square Knitting Needles and Sugar 'n Cream Yarn
Square Needles & Washcloth Collage

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