Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Japanese Tea Cup, Sugar Bowl, and Matching Curvilinear Dish (three)

Here are some more of my tea treasures that I've been documenting lately. This little grouping is probably a child's set; there is a tiny cup, a miniature sugar bowl, and a delightful curvilinear dish. I'm not sure the dish is part of the set, but I found it the same day as the cup and sugar bowl at one of my local thrift stores. The colors matched so beautifully.

They are photographed on a shabby chic tea table that I added to my ever-growing table and chair collection recently. A lovely woman has been shabby-chic-ing furniture here in San Diego for many years (Not 2 Shabby) and I have been happily collecting her whimsical pieces at our local craft bazaar a couple of times a year.

One of these days I will have a proper studio where I can showcase my pieces more elegantly than I can in my small cottage bungalow. But for now, I live with them and love them everyday, even in slightly cramped quarters!
Japanese Demi-tasse or Child's Tea Cup
Japanese Sugar Bowl


  1. Is any of this for sale, if so where at?

  2. Hi, pj,

    These are not for sale, just part of my shabby chic collection. Coincidentally, today I visited the same thrift store where I had bought these and found some equally delightful goodies.

    Good luck in your hunt for similar treasures in your area!