Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sweet Eden

Sweet Eden, originally uploaded by confections.

I'm an aunt and now a great-aunt and I take the duties that go along with those titles seriously--just kidding! Pictured here in all of her innocent glory is the third of my four extraordinary nieces. I have five delightful nephews as well.

I was present at Eden's birth, as well as at the birth of one of her sisters and one of her brothers. It is a rare and special gift to be invited to witness a birth. I am bonded to her and her siblings and cousins, and since I have no children of my own, I claim them and am honored to do so.

Eden turned seventeen in June; she is a lovely young woman with many talents including photography and writing. The photo below shows her on a visit to us last September cleaning her newly found vintage Royal typewriter--a girl after my own heart♥

My Niece Cleaning Her Vintage Royal Typewriter

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