Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tall Ship--The Star of India--San Diego, California

Today there will be a Festival of Sail in San Diego Harbor and at least twenty tall ships will be on parade, including San Diego's own "Star of India", seen here.

I hope to take my camera down to the bay and capture some of the majesty. Below is a collage that shows the San Diego skyline twenty-five years ago (in May 1983) and the way it looks today. San Diego Harbor used to have a free anchorage which lent a lot of character to the bay, but it was outlawed many years ago. I think the harbor view is less appealing now that it is gone.
San Diego Skyline, Then and Now

The Star of India Sailing in San Diego Harbor


  1. It would be fun to be able to see so many ships...

  2. What a pretty view! Should be fun to see the ships. Wish I lived close to such an area with a great view of the ocean.

  3. Have fun at the festival. It sounds like a great way to spend part of your day!

  4. Wow, very cool to witness so many ships! Great store too!