Saturday, October 4, 2008

Handspun Blue Face Leicester Wool Yarn with Angelina Fiber and Cotton

I spun this yarn from roving handpainted by Lori Lawson a few years back and gave it to my mother-in-law who took a shine to it. She suffers from a form of senile dementia and is in a nursing home. Periodically, I would take my spinning wheel to the private home where she was living and spin some fiber. The tactile quality of the wool and the colors and sparkle of the angelina delighted my mother-in-law. I hope in some small way it brings her comfort.

Handspun Blue Face Leicester Yarn with Angelina Fiber and Cotton Binding Thread

Handspun Yarns made with Lori Lawson's handpainted roving


  1. How beautiful and such a wonderful story to go with it.

    This really touched my heart

  2. Beautiful fiber and nice to know that she loves it and it's calming for her.