Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Mom (on the right) and Her Childhood Friend Dorothy

Today is my Mom's 83rd birthday. I'm popping the cork by sharing these photos of her and her childhood friend Dorothy. The first photo found its way to us through a contact on Amazing serendipity. Thank you, Libby!

Her friend Dorothy is still alive and kickin' and a few years ago shared a photo of the two of them as high-schoolers ice-skating on Bull Creek in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. My Mom, on the left in the photo below, made her green corduroy skating skirt. It had a gold satin lining.

My Mom exudes the Venusian energy which is a hallmark of her Libra sun sign. She is a social creature and loves beauty in her surroundings. She is witty, loves a good joke, and has an infectious laugh. She'll beat you at any card game, but especially at pinochle.

She is an excellent cook and baker (oh, I'd love a home-cooked meal and a slice of her apple pie right now!) and reveled in the joys of marriage and raising a family of seven children. I developed my appreciation for the charms of tea and conversation over the kitchen table with my Mom.

Happy Birthday, Mutti!

My Mom & a Friend Ice Skating

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  1. The World's DresserOctober 2, 2008 at 7:46 AM

    Awww - your mom and Dorothy are beautiful! What a wonderful idea for birthday