Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still Life with Handspun Yarn Skein

One of the last bouquets of autumn sunflowers reminded me of this Navajo-plied handspun, hand-dyed skein of merino wool and I had to photograph the still life.

The merino wool was Ball jar-dyed a few weeks ago as part of my ongoing experiments in handpainting and hand-dyeing fiber and yarn.

I'm busy packing for a getaway with family, so my posts may be sparse over the next few days. Happy Autumn (and Happy Spring to those in the Southern Hemisphere)!

Handspun, Hand-Dyed Skein of Merino Wool
Autumn Sunflower in Thrift Store Vase
Collage of Sunflowers and Handspun, Hand-Dyed Yarn

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