Friday, July 25, 2008

My Maternal Grandfather as a Baby (Restored Tintype) [two]

My maternal grandfather was born 130 years ago today on July 25th, 1878. I never knew this grandfather except through photos of him as an adult and my Mother's stories. I had never seen this small tintype photo of him as a baby until I visited my Aunt Margaret on her farm in Muncie, Indiana, at Thanksgiving 2001.

She generously let us scan some family photos, including this image. The original tintype was a bit faded and damaged. When I posted the scan on flickr, one of my long-lost Galbraith cousins saw it and restored it to the state you see here. Thanks, Al! The original photo is shown below and a sepia version is included as well.
My Maternal Grandfather as a Baby (Restored Tintype)


  1. What a treasure..I always enjoy anything about families..I have a few good pictures and put one on my blog of my grandfather at 19 working on a sub..He was a shipbuilder later on in life..Just love your picture and so happy you have it..

  2. That's wonderful. I need to go through and scan some family photos too.

  3. aren't these old photos so much fun. love all the manly men in their girly dresses ;-)