Monday, July 7, 2008

Vallona Starr Sugar and Creamer

Here is a treasure I found at a local antique mall with my sister last week. It is a sugar and creamer set by Vallona Starr ceramics, active in California from the 1930's through 1953.

The lime color delights me and the gilt decoration makes it sublime. The set is quite diminutive, but a welcome addition to my tea table.Vallona Starr Sugar & Creamer (two)Vallona Starr Sugar & Creamer (three)Vallona Starr Sugar & Creamer Collage


  1. it is absolutely stunning. great find!!

  2. You have a real gift for presentation! I just found this same set among my mother's things (she recently passed). Mine is in a gorgeous turquoise blue. We definitely found treasures, didn't we? Vallona Starr does such fun things.
    - Chryss, Socal

  3. i am looking for a valonna star turqoise set--i have the luncheon plates with 3 cups and need three more-i would'nt mind the creamer and sugar if there is one to match. Does anyone know where i can buy it?
    -Kristine Carmeli

  4. I've never seen the lime green before! I love this set! My great grandparents were the creators of Vallona Starr. It's so cool to find people who love their products as much as our family does.

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. Good luck in your searches, Chryss and Kristine.

    Bethanie, how wonderful that your great-grandparents originated the Vallona Starr line! I so enjoy my pieces ♥