Friday, September 5, 2008

Collage of Handblended Wool Fiber

Here is some of the harvest of my hackle-blending of wool fiber over the last week or so. I've only spun up a few sample skeins so far, but will post them as they materialize.

I had issues with my computer browser for several days this week; it's not completely fixed--I've switched from Firefox to Internet Explorer temporarily until it is all sorted out. I have concluded that I am addicted to my internet connection.... And that's a good thing, right?
Handblended Wool Roving
Wool Remnants from the Hackle (Fiber Preparation)
Roving and Rolags (Prepared Fiber for Spinning)


  1. Your blends look luscious.

    What camera are you using to get such good acidy greens and turquioises to come through? Mine turn more green or more blue.

    and yes, being addicted to the internet is second only to our fiber/yarn addiction. Haven't see a self help group yet for either.

  2. Hi, Susan, I'm using a Pentax Optio M-20 digital camera at the moment. These photos were taken by the light of an Ott lamp at night. I tweaked the color to reflect what I saw with my eye using free Picasa software from Google. I prefer to work in natural daylight for most of my photos, but I'm a night owl, so sometimes that Ott light comes in handy!

  3. Those fibers are beautiful. Very subtle blending of color. I know they are going to spin up gorgeous.

  4. What delicious light hmm? As a fellow night owl who hates my indoor studio set up, I'm going to check that out.