Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Daddy Reading at the Cabin

Daddy Reading at the Cabin, originally uploaded by confections.

I lost my father to an accident seventeen years ago today. In the aftermath of his loss, an elderly friend of mine, a poet who had only known my Dad through my sister and me, wrote a moving tribute to him. I'm including it here; it was written by my late friend, Mary Ellen Gallagher (Drumdaughter), whom I sorely miss as well.

On the last full day of his life
he climbed a tree.
What, you ask, was a seventy-four
year old man doing
climbing a tree?

Perhaps the bright autumn woods
made him feel a boy again
and he longed to be held in leafy arms,
gaze once more on his beloved fields,
and touch the wild September sky.

In numinous response to leaves
and sun and apple-scented air
he moved old aching bones up to the tree top
and started his journey away from
minds which look askance at old men in trees.

I could only wish to climb a tree
on the last full day of my life.

Daddy on the Front Porch of the Cabin, circa 1975


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your dad. Thank you for sharing the poem and such lovely photos, I can see he is dearly missed.

  2. Such a wonderful tribute. This picture with your dad and the dog...I have a dog like that and she is laying right beside me now...she's a brittany named Frannie.