Monday, September 29, 2008

Restored Tintype of One of My Husband's 2nd Great-Grandfathers (?)

This deteriorating tintype of one of my husband's second great-grandfathers was generously restored by ericdege of flickr.

We have to do further research to verify his identity, but I suspect, based on my current research, that he may be Simpson Frazier, born 1821, who served as a Union soldier during the American Civil War and survived the Battle of Shiloh.


  1. Excellent restoration job. Very nice photo.

  2. Yes, great restoration. I can do some of this with my limited photoshop skills, but how he got the tablecloth to look so good is way better than what I can do.

    Is this photo taken in a studio? It looks to me like the window may be a prop.

    Anyway, that's an excellent photo to keep, especially if he is indeed an identified Union soldier from your family.